How Yoga Can Help In Sports

Summary: Once considered suited only for skinny models or enlightened hippies, yoga techniques are now making inroads into the sports field. For professional athletes as well as casual weekend warriors, achieving their best in fitness and performance requires intense focus. Once attained, maintaining that level requires intense practice involving one’s body and mind. Merely striving … Continue reading

Running a Successful Coffee Shop

Many people dream of owning their own coffee shop but it is far from easy to be successful. There is just so much competition and local coffee shops can struggle to compete against some of the chain coffee shops that seem to dominate every city. This infographic from Espresso Works takes a look at what … Continue reading

Turn Cleaning Into a Workout

Very few people enjoy the cleaning process but it’s simply something that needs to be done. This infographic from HappyCleans takes a slightly different slant on house cleaning and turns it into a workout. Sometimes when you’re mopping it is easy to forget that it actually burns 168 calories an hour. This is pretty good … Continue reading

Obvious Advantages Of Online Telephone Directories UK

Printed telephone directories were used for decades by people to find useful Telephone Numbers UK. Directories such as blue pages, yellow pages, and pink pages etc., made good money as they listed phone numbers of each and every type of business, whether big or small. That was the only option people had in order to … Continue reading

How to Relieve Muscle Fatigue and Soreness After a Workout

Did you know that each time your muscle contracts, it generates force and heat from the stored energy in your body? The amount of muscle fatigue and soreness you feel largely depends on the intensity and duration of your routine. Most people, especially those with a sedentary lifestyle, experience muscle fatigue and soreness after an … Continue reading

How Yoga Increase or Maintain your Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is not about being fair but of glowing skin, calm mind and soul, and cheerful face which in today’s world is only a prodigy of few. With our craving to attain that fairness, we start applying expensive creams which causes us more harm rather than good, and worst of all our today’s lifestyle … Continue reading

The Ancient Yogic Diet and It’s Relevance in the Modern Times

The underlying principles of the Yogic Diet and it’s relevance to the modern world. Plus the answer to the burning question – Can non-vegetarians be yogis too? Most westerners are only aware of the physical aspect of yoga teacher training – the asanas (postures) and meditation. But the physical side of yoga is just one … Continue reading

The Lakeland Larder

Every region has a speciality signature dish or products made with local produce which is exclusive to the county. Lake District is no exception. It’s a larder of impeccable traditional produce and products made using traditional methods with recipes passed over generations in small batches to ensure quality and immaculate flavour. Cumbria lake district not … Continue reading

10 Best Films About Finance

Movies play a vital role in the entertainment industry and on our life as well. They impact real life the same way, real life inspires films. Like many other topics, there are many inspirational tales woven around finance, investment and real estate. These tales revolve around the Financial world with all its aspects and take … Continue reading

How Alcohol Interferes With Your Weight Loss

Alcohol consumption has become a well-established part of human culture and has now become as acceptable as eating and drinking. Alcohol is mainly used for two purposes- as a social facilitator and as a leisure drug that makes people ”feel good”. It is consumed on a large scale and in spite of its negative impact … Continue reading

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